Electoral Education

I’m sure you’re wondering what this one is again, right? It’s an actual thing you know? Elections are a core process within a democracy.


You know Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa right? Okay, good. So out of 200 million people, we have just over 84 million voters and only about 30 million voted during the last elections. That’s saying something! There has been a decline in the number of voters over the years.  You know how cops stop you and want to search your phone, etc. And you go off on them, telling them you know your rights. VOTING IS YOUR RIGHT TOO, miss me with all that “this country is so “this or that” if you haven’t registered to get your voter’s card.

That mentally we’ve got, the “even if we vote, what will change” mentally? Scrap it please, don’t sell your votes or be party to ballot box stealing. That’s like selling your birthright.

Issues linked to inadequate Voter’s education

  • Poor participation in voter registration
  • Underage voting
  • Election violence
  • Lack of understanding of voting procedures.

Here’s the link to the INEC portal, go register and get your voter’s card! Your vote counts.


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