Conversation on being female


Being female is not so easy to put words through some of us did well on the posters below. Whenever anyone asked me what we would talk about since the conversation is about being female, I usually said we would talk about the good, the bad and the very real. it is a very broad topic and will not stop if conversations happened daily. Each female is unique because of our genetics and environment coupled with the experiences that shape us, being female is very nuanced and so often its contradictory and situational. Women are powerful but a few of us see where theĀ  power lies, i believe that the privilege and ability to have humanity continue is THE power, but more than that it charges us with socialising the future, to shape thoughts and therefore action, this means that we can change the world. We can only achieve this if we see this as the truth and act with this as the guide, the beacon, path and the final destination, so that regardless of the method used the end point is the same.

We must recognise and believe this truth.

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