It is a live and/or virtual discussion about a specific topic amongst a selected group of panellists who share differing perspectives in front of an audience or in a social media chat. The panel is facilitated by a moderator who guides the panel and the discussions through out the session. Experts or practitioner in the field been discussed share facts, offer opinions and respond to audience questions either through questions curated by the moderator or taken from the audience directly. Audience engagement is a vital part of these conversations.


Gender specific meet-up for teens and young adults. The youths who participate in these discussion groups will acquire knowledge and a variety of skills associated with self-control, positive body image, self-worth, human growth and development. Gender based field trips with an adult adviser of their own gender will hold periodically.

Workforce preparation

Workforce preparation to help members prepare for employment and help establish future career goals. The use of classroom instruction, role-playing and hands on apprenticeship opportunities. Career, college preparation and financial planning workshops are part of our program.

Mentorship program

The Mentorship Program is a structured 3 month program connecting those looking for guidance and growth with others who have committed to sharing their experience and perspective.

Arts and Recreations

Arts, Recreation & Leisure Activities: Activities and programs in the area of fine arts, to include performing arts, visual arts and literary arts which will offer work experiences with master artists in their trade to create group and individual artwork. This will be displayed at the center’s gallery, Annual reports and promotional materials.

Mental Hygiene workshops

Counselling Services

Duo-Peer Partnerships, truth teller relationships

Field Trips

Periodical field trips are to be taken within Kaduna metropolis.