The center is youth led and adult supervised


The library provides reading material, study space and a book box where new and gently used books are donated

Games Facilities

From board game facilities like PSP, chess to scrabble etc. as options for youths to engage in fun physical activities.

Sports Facilities

Media Lab

A media lab where members can record video and audio materials, create their own newspaper or write books to tell their story.

Computer Lab

A computer lab where members can use tools such as social media, hardware and software programs.

Creative Room

Creative Room or hall for functions or practice and presentation.

Counselling Room

A place for dedicated programs and opportunities to develop relationships with adults and peers.

More on our Facilities

The center will be youth-led and adult supervised. It will have an executive committee that will initiate programs especially during the first year. It will have a youth advisory committee drawn from members of the 3 groups of youths which the center serves.