The coronavirus pandemic has brought sudden changes in all our lives and routines, and can be an anxious time for all of us. 2020 was to be the year that we consolidate on the gains of the mental health series of   Conversations at Mariacutty and start action planning on how to improve our mental health and that our community.

But it had other plans.

But like all challenges, we must look for the opportunity for growth. We have been given the gift of time, the most valuable resource ever to really delve inwards and understand ourselves and others around us, make our relationships better with those closest to us. It is time to have those conversations that need to be had.

The team at the YouthCentre@Mariacutty, AbdulHakeem, Amina, Anita, Annette, Aunty Hauwa, Remi and myself are thrilled to move  to a remote platform and continue to have conversations on Zoom starting on Wednesday 13 May 2020, as the flier says. Please join us as we become complaint to physical distancing rules, either audio or video to talk about how the pandemic is affecting you.

This year the format of the conversations differ slightly where we have different hosts moderating the conversation, while we support them.

Hope to see you there.

Best wishes,