A place for dedicated programs and opportunities to develop relationships with adults and peers

What we do

Youths are taught the skills necessary to transition into healthy, productive and positive adults; learning the value of community service, exercise, good nutrition, etiquette, having respect and making positive choices. They gain exposure to professionals, businesses, agencies and civic leaders. They have information to move ahead at their fingertips, and they can develop their skills and artistic talents, a place to play sports, games and engage in leisure. It is an informal hangout and a place for dedicated programs and opportunities to develop relationships with adults and peers. It also provides mentorship and volunteering opportunities.

Youth Served

The center is opened to youths in the following age categories
• Youth 17 to 29 years

Sustainable Development Goals

Young people are critical thinkers, change makers, innovators, communicators and leaders, they are able to advance the sustainable development goals to improve their lives and those of their communities.

Goal 3

The Youth Centre at Mariacutty organises health workshops to provide young people with valid information on ways to promote personal well being, share tips on hygiene and provide best practices on ways to reduce ambient pollution and inspire change in general health care practices.

Goal 5

We have gender based programs aimed at teaching young women a variety of skills associated with self control, positive body image, self worth human growth and development. These programs will be anchored by older women who will be available to counsel these young women on career issues, living a purposeful life and female health issues.

Goal 8

Youths need access to job opportunities, decent working conditions and financial services to manage income, accumulate assets and make investment to increase productivity and reduce unemployment. The Youth Center at Mariacutty offers work preparation seminars, mentorship and volunteer programs.

Goal 10

The Centre is committed to reducing gender based inequality among young people by providing young people both male and female with equal access to education, health tips, decent work opportunities and representation in political and economic decision making processes. We believe these will fuel sustainable economic growth and benefit our society.

Goal 11

Through our partnerships we will be involved in conservation projects aimed at making the human settlement inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Goal 17

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.
We do this through our various partnership programs which give young people the opportunity to interact with different change makers

We match mentees and mentors based on developmental goals and interest.