”Living in a society where everything you do is ‘suspect’, where altruism is just another agenda that must ‘agend’, fighting for what seems right can be very hard. So hard that you constantly have to draw from a well you never knew existed, to mentally get through another day. It gets worse in a dwindling economy where you are one decision away from being poor. One day in University, when a friend and I argued about why it was criminal that the Nigerian Government criminalize gay rights, I got a taste of how hard social activism can be. My friend argued that regardless of what I felt or believed, we should all be angered that people’s rights were criminalized. ”Think about it, people who are merely suspected to have stolen are stoned to death, talk more about people who might be suspected gay? What if we have more cases of ALUU 4? ”Are you sure you are not gay?” was my very intelligent response.

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